There is something deeply satisfying about wearing bespoke clothing that is meticulously hand-crafted by master craftsmen using classic tailoring techniques to match your exact measurements, tastes, and preferences.

Darizonline makes high-fashion easily accessible by bringing it to your living room. Elegance and sophistication at its core, our bespoke jackets, shirts, and trousers are precise, long-lasting, and exemplify excellence in quality.

And the best part, we customize every single aspect of your custom garment to your liking. Why else would first-time bespoke clients turn into loyal and returning customers for life?


1. Schedule an appointment with us to order your handmade bespoke shirt, trouser, or jacket. Our design consultant will meet you at your desired location, day and preferred time with fabric and pattern samples.

2. Select and customize every detail of your bespoke garment to your liking under the guidance of our style consultant. Choose from a variety of fabrics, linings, cuffs, collar styles, lapels, hems, buttons and pocket styles.

3. Get measured by our master tailor.

Once the basic pattern for your bespoke garment is ready, we will meet you again for trial fittings. Our tailors will hand-construct your apparel with extreme precision, stitch by stitch, demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and the world’s best tailoring techniques.

On completion of the final fittings and additional tweaks (as required), your unique bespoke garment will be ready for delivery.

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For any queries, write to us info@darzionline.com or call us +91-9717255648