About Darzionline.com

Darzionline.com is a one-stop online destination for all the people looking for custom made apparel. Our custom made garments are made to the highest standards with beautiful craftsmanship in precise unswerving bespoke sizes. Our master tailors feel privileged to bring out your custom designed clothes to life.

Gone are the days when brick and mortar shops with tiny clustered try rooms, fulfilled ones clothing needs with their bulk-made designs and standard sizes. Also, now days it is challenging to find a smart tailor who is capable of designing customized apparel to meet individual needs. Thus, in times like these Darzionline.com is just for you. We are available just for you at the click of a button. We are proud to carry the broadest and ever changing selection of finest range of premium quality fabrics the world has to offer, including many from the renowned cloth mills from around the globe. Further, our bespoke craftsmanship, high quality and commitment to excellence have helped us as one of the leaders of the customized apparel industry.


We at Darzionline.com give you the freedom to customize every aspect of your apparel, be it be the fabric, buttons, patterns, collars, cuffs and fit as per your needs and demands. Below are the some of the features we extend to you:

1. Unique 3D designer Interface: We employ this feature to quickly let you have a sneak-peek at how the customized end product might look like. It provides a complete 360 degree view of the put-together look with a close eye on detailing, generated in no time. It is extremely user friendly and can be instrumental in viewing and analyzing each and every aspect of the garment before placing an order.

2. Monogramming tool: The monogramming tool gives you the liberty to completely personalize the garment as per your likes and dislikes. You even choose to monogram your initials on the pockets, or on cuffs. This tool helps you take care of every minute detail of the garment, so that it comes out just flawless when it is delivered.

3. Specially designed "How to Measure Module": Our specially designed "How To Measure" module provides you easy to follow instructions in a step by step manner so that you can ascertain the measurements from your best fitting garments and submit the same whilst placing the orders with Darzionline.com.


We at Darzionline.com pay due respect to the fact that every individual has an inimitable style and sartorial preference that booms his personality. Thus, we do not believe in mass production of shirts, trousers, chinos and other apparels. This is one of the prime reasons why we have chosen to create bespoke apparel. Our company does not believe in making you sift through hordes of ready-made garments and does not want you to choose and settle for whatever is available. To achieve these objectives, we at Darzionline.com offer you precise and meticulously custom made apparel to suit your needs and requirements.


Further, we believe in providing the finest quality products and perform stringent quality checks while sourcing the materials to be used for making the apparel. Likewise, the finished product is again put through several checks before shipping in order to confirm the quality. Our team of tailors are highly skilled in creating different styles of stitching, be it be the old fashioned patterns or even the new trendy ones. Imitation and replication are strictly against our work ethics.

Darzionline.com provides the finest made-to-order apparel solutions, for those who seek perfect fitting stylish apparels. The high quality materials used for making the attire along with the outstanding artistry of the tailors lends an exclusive class to the apparel.