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You might have questions relating to certain areas or categories, therefore, we request you to go through the ‘Terms and Conditions' policy before you finally go ahead and place an order on our website. Kindly get in touch with our customer services team by sending an email in case you have any questions with regards to the guidelines listed in the various sections of our T&C policy. We might revise and update the Terms and Conditions on a periodic basis as we may deem necessary without informing you of the modifications or revisions. Please note that whatever amendments we make in the Terms & Conditions will be applicable to all subsequent orders you place on our site. In order to keep yourself posted on the alterations that we may make, you're requested to visit our site https://www.darzionline.com on a regular basis and connect to the ‘Terms and Conditions' page

Purchase of Products

You'll receive an acknowledgment/confirmation email from our end whenever you place an order on our portal. Should any problem or issue arise with respect to your order, we shall intimate you about the same as soon as possible either through an email or via a phone call. An order placed by you on our site is regarded as approved only after we've despatched your order. After notifying you of the transhipment of your order, we'll prepare the purchase agreement following which you'll receive an invoice (of your purchase) from our end.

You're requested to crosscheck and verify all details pertaining to your order and ensure that the information is correct before you submit the same and click on the ‘Confirm Order' button. Requests for making changes (in your order) will not be entertained once you've checked out after placing an order and the same is confirmed.

Especially, bear in mind that you'll not be able to make any changes in the delivery address you've specified once you've have placed an order. Also note that any promotional code (which entitles you to a rebate or discount) you enter will not be valid until and unless your order has been dispatched. However, details about the promotional code will be explicitly mentioned in the bill.

We have the right to cancel any purchase order you place on our site under specific circumstances and on certain justifiable grounds. We have the right to declare an order null and void when:-

  • The product or item for which you've placed an order is out of stock
  • We do not receive a confirmation mail from your bank or your credit card company that payment has been approved
  • It has been identified and established that you've submitted incorrect or inaccurate information about the product/item you've ordered including its cost and/or promotional code
  • We are convinced that you've resorted to fraudulent or illegal means for confirming your purchase order

In case your order is cancelled or rejected due to any of the aforementioned circumstances, you'll be duly notified of the same

If we've committed a mistake in pricing the product/item you have placed an order for, then it'll be presupposed that the sale or promotional offer for that particular product was an error of omission on our part. Consequently, the sales offer for the product will be declared or considered as invalid. We'll be able to process your order only if the product is in stock.

Understandably, there is an interregnum or time-lag in between you placing the order and the acceptance of the same. During that timeframe, there is every possibility of the product (that you've ordered) going out of stock. In case, if the product or item for which you've placed a purchase order becomes unavailable before we can accept the order, we will bring it to your notice at the earliest. Of course, we'll not be invoicing you for an item that is not available with us.

It does not need to be emphasized that/or it goes without saying that we'll take all the steps necessary to furnish gilt-edged security to all information or details you provide with respect to your order (bank account details, credit/debit card details and so on). `Nevertheless, in spite of our taking all the security measures, if the personal or sensitive data you submit while placing an online order or navigating on our site is illegally or unethically accessed by a third party resulting in your suffering a loss, we will not be liable to recompense you for the same. If you so wish, you can annul or revoke your order according to your rights stipulated in the Distance Selling Regulations.

Product Information

We have spared no efforts in displaying on the website, the original colours of our items and products. However, the colours that you'll in fact see on the screen of your monitor will invariably depend upon its colour settings. Therefore, it is not possible for us to assure you that the colour or colours of the despatched product will exactly match the colours that you saw on your monitor's screen.

Sizes and measurements of products catalogued/listed on our site are ballpark figures; nevertheless we try our level best to quote the most accurate figures. All figures displayed with reference to the sizes are UK sizes. In order to have a clear idea of the sizes we've mentioned on our site, you're requested to go through the size section.

We take utmost care and go out of the way to make sure that prices of products along with all their relevant details that you see on our site are accurate. We also keep revising the content of the portal so that you always get to browse through information or data that is up-to-date and pertinent. However, despite taking all the necessary steps to publish correct and appropriate content, pricing and promotional errors (with regards to products) do occasionally creep in. We have the right to reject or declare null and void all orders placed through our site that are based on erroneous/incorrect information, including of course product promotion and pricing errors.

We also have the right to revise the prices of products without notifying you of such changes. All prices quoted on https://www.darzionline.com include VAT charges (wherever applicable or relevant)

We will be able to process orders only for products that are in stock. Understandably, there is a time-gap or interregnum in between the placement of the order and the acceptance of the order. During this interval, there is every possibility of the stock situation (with respect to a particular product or a product that you've ordered) undergoing a change.

Under such circumstances (where the product(s) for which you've placed an order becomes unavailable before we can process the same), we will try to apprise you of the development as early as possible. Needless to say, you'll not be invoiced for products that are not available at the time of processing the order.

We continuously keep on updating our online shop by adding new products to our existing inventory and replenishing the stockpile with fresh supplies. Our retail outlets organize stock clearance sales and promote festival offers on a gradual basis that cannot be availed by online shoppers. On the other hand, we arrange for sweepstakes, prize draws and competitions, and special promotions exclusively for our online customers. However, some online promotions cannot be accessed by clientele in specific jurisdictions


For further or detailed information about the different purposes for which we employ the private/sensitive data provided by you, please go through our ‘Privacy Policy' Section. We cannot be held responsible legally or otherwise if you undergo a monetary loss or defamation on account of yours using the data or content of this website.

All rights of commercially harnessing the information or content of this site, together with copyright material exclusively vests with Darzi Online Clothing Private Limited. Darzi Online Clothing Private Limited also fully reserves the right to grant license for using the materials or contents of this portal. So, it follows that all subscribers/customers and users intending to utilise or exploit the contents of this portal (including its storage or reproduction) for business purposes shall have to obtain the approval of the promoters of https://www.darzionline.com. As a certified subscriber of https://www.darzionline.com, you're permitted to use the information or materials enumerated in the site only for your personal or private use.

We've taken meticulous care in structuring and composing the content for this portal. We disown and repudiate all guarantees or warranties, explicit or implicit with regards to the correctness of the data detailed in any of the sections or pages of this site, except the information or contents for which we own the copyright.

This website contains some hypertext links; by clicking on any of these hypertext links, you'll be directed to a website hosted and owned by one of our business partners. When you connect to a portal by clicking on its hypertext link and start browsing on the website, you automatically check yourself out of https://www.darzionline.com . As we do not exercise any control over our partners websites and hence cannot influence the content of such sites), we cannot be held liable or accountable if you suffer any loss resulting from yours using the information delineated in the portals.

However, these exemptions from legal responsibilities will not be applicable to damages or losses suffered due to personal injuries or fatalities brought about by our carelessness or slackness.

The time of the day or night wherever they're specified or mentioned on this ‘Terms & Conditions Policy' page are IST (Indian Standard Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) + 5:30 Hours.

All terms and conditions outlined in this page are in keeping with Indian laws and conventions and will be interpreted according to the laws of the land. In this respect, it also follows that any dispute or difference of opinion that arises with regards to the 'Terms & Conditions' will be settled in an Indian court in accordance with the statutes enshrined in the IPC (Indian Penal Code). If any of the terms or conditions is found to be null and void or legally untenable, then that specific provisio or stipulation shall be considered as unsustainable. Towards this end, it also ensures that that particular stipulation will not have any locus-standi and hence will not have any bearing or effect on the legitimacy and validity of the rest of the provisos.

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Cookie Policy

What exactly is a Cookie?

Cookies developed and evolved as they enabled website developers, promoters and owners to keep track of visitors' and users' online activities and movements after they logged in to portals via their web browsers. A cookie can be defined as an exclusive identification number which a website linked to a server stations on your PC-a unique set of sequential numbers that is employed for retrieving data or information about your activities on that particular site from its archives or databases.

A cookie or cookies used by a website, once they're placed in your computer, will keep a tab on the number of times you've logged in at the site as well as document your activities on that portal and transmit the info back to the promoters and owners of the site. A cookie is capable of holding very limited quantity of data with regards to the client computer and the website. Additionally, these can be accessed only by the website that places them on your computer and you. Cookies enable you to conveniently surf sites, especially ones that you visit regularly for purchasing goods or availing of services. Since cookies record your personal info including your name, address, contact number, payment details, and email id, you're not required to provide the same information all over again for every subsequent online order.

Why and how does a website use Cookies?

Cookies ferret out private and sensitive information about you that you'd not like to share. Depending on a cookie's character, it can determine the sort of computer you use, the software applications you download and use. Some cookies can even find out your email id. Whether the personal information that you furnish will be disclosed to third-parties or not will invariably depend upon the privacy policy guidelines followed by a website. Therefore, you should always carefully read a website's privacy policy before you decide to provide personal info about yourself for whatever reason.

Websites make use of cookies to achieve varying objectives. For instance sites can find out exactly as to how many users visit and navigate on a specific site at any given point in time. Servers, proxy servers, concentrators, and caching linking websites with browsers of client computers carry cookies.

These cookies can precisely determine the number of users visiting a site (online traffic), total number of first time visitors, number of repeat visitors, and the number of times a repeat visitor has connected with the site. Cookies can even customize the look of a site according to your preferences. In such a case, the same website will look different to every visitor.

E-commerce portals make use of 'speed check out' and 'shopping carts' modules or snippets. In this respect, e-commerce sites employ cookies that keep track of online shoppers as they add products or items to the shopping cart. Every item added by shoppers to the cart is archived in the database of the website and can be traced back or retrieved through the unique ID number ascribed to each shopper. So, cookies are indispensable for an ecommerce site as it not only allows them to keep a complete record of the items that you've added to the shopping cart but also help improve your shopping experience on that specific site.

Can Everybody Access Cookies?

While creating a cookie, its 'root domain name' can be preset to regulate its visibility. After presetting the root domain name, the cookie becomes accessible to all URL hyperlinks grouped under that root. Intercommunication between and amongst the correlated pages of all the URLs improves when the information or data contained in the cookie is shared by them.

Are Cookies Safe?

It is quite apt for you to worry about the security of the private information that you provide to a website which is connected to a server that houses millions and millions of other sites. However, you don't need to worry about cookies posing a threat to your privacy, as these generally store only your unique ID number and any information that you've voluntarily agreed to share with the site. Nevertheless, if you're sceptical about the privacy policy adhered to by a site and feel that your sensitive data might be disclosed to third party sites which may result in your suffering a monetary loss or loss of privacy then you can decide not to pass on that information.

Please Elaborate on 'Tracking Cookies'?

Some ecommerce sites carry cookies containing promotional material of third-party websites. These promotional or advertisements might also have cookies that can document info supplied to it by the primary website including the products viewed and/or purchased, services requested for, the different pages navigated and so on. When you connect to another site that carries advertisements of the same third-party websites that you viewed in the preceding website, the advertiser or promoter of the site gets an idea of your surfing history via 'tracking cookies'.

Use of Cookies on Darzionline.com

We use cookies with the overarching objective of furnishing you with an enhanced user experience every time you surf our site as well as enable you to make the most out of online shopping on our website. We also use cookies so that you can take full advantage of the customized features accessible on our site. We are strictly against using cookies to obtain or store sensitive or personal information including your name, residential address, payment particulars, email id and so on.

Cookies are used by us on https://www.darzionline.com broadly for the below mentioned purposes:

  • For practical or procedural purposes which are crucial for maintaining the operability of this site that amongst other things include keeping a record of your recent shopping sessions and helping you to advance to checkout and clear payments;
  • For demarcating and differentiating you from the rest of the users of this portal by ascribing you with a distinctive serial number. This unique sequential number documents and remembers all information that you provide to this website. So, the next time you return to browse on our site or place an order, you're not required to furnish the mandatory information all over again. This enables us to make our portal more user-friendly which ultimately results in your having a better experience surfing or shopping on our site.
  • To collate statistical data with reference to the various ways in which the visitors use this site. By analysing and evaluating the collected data, we work out ways to upgrade this site and enable users/visitors to have an enhanced browsing experience. The collected data also helps us to appraise the effectiveness of promotional offers, special offers, stock clearance offers, sweepstakes, and prize draws ; and
  • To facilitate in the fulfilment of contractual commitments that we've made to third parties, for instance clearing the payment of any of our partners in case you've placed an order for a product on this site after connecting to a link from a partner's portal.
  • Cookies can be automatically placed on a majority of web browsers. So as long as you do not modify your internet browser settings so that it'll reject cookies, they will be mechanically stored in the hard disk of your computer when you visit our site.

By visiting and surfing on this site, you automatically give your consent to place cookies in your computer according to our Cookie Policy. On the other hand, if you do not approve our placing cookies, you should either adjust your Internet browser settings so that it does not accept cookies or you should avoid visiting or browsing on our site. Please refer to 'How to Manage Cookies' for further information on the procedure to follow for managing and disabling cookies.

Automated Social Networking Buttons

If and when you share content or materials of Darzionline.com with your friends via automated social networking sites including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, cookies might be placed on your web browser by these portals. Since we cannot and/or do not influence the cookies' setting of such sites, you're requested to check out with the privacy policy of the aforementioned automated sites for complete details about the cookies and the modus operandi to follow for regulating the same.

Flash Cookies

We might upload and list video footages on our site with the help of Adobe Flash Player apps. Adobe Player makes use of Flash Cookies in order to enhance your browsing experience. You'll need to check out the security settings of the Adobe Flash-Player and click on 'Disable Cookies' if you do want Flash cookies to be stored in the hard disk of your computer. However, you should take note of the fact that if you delete or disable Flash cookies, you'll not be able to access or view video contents on Darzionline.com that employs Adobe Flash Player.

Managing Cookies

In order to accept cookies or reject them, you'll need to visit the 'Internet Settings' section of your web browser and click on 'Enable Cookies' or 'Disable Cookies'. The actual process of modifying your web browser's settings will invariably depend upon the Internet browser you have. We have furnished detailed information in the following paragraphs on the procedure to follow in order to find out the Internet browser you're using as well as the process to abide by for controlling cookies.

Please keep in mind that if you've adjusted your browser settings so as not to receive cookies, then you'll only be able to surf on our website. By disabling cookies, you'll not be able to place an order for products or items on Darzionline.com site.

Steps to follow for determining the Web Browser you're using

If you have a PC or desktop, then click on the 'Start' icon and look for 'Help and Support' section. Thereafter click on that section and select 'About' option. If you have a Macintosh PC, you'll have to click on the menu inside the browser and then choose the 'About' option

Now that you're aware of the browser installed on your computer, just abide by the instructions mentioned below to establish whether cookies have been enabled or disabled:-

Inspecting Cookies on PCs

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9, and 10

- Click on 'Tools' that appears at the head of the browser window. Thereafter select 'Internet Options' and click on 'Privacy' tag
-Make sure that you've set the Privacy level to 'Medium' or lower than that for enabling cookies

Mozilla Firefox

- Look for 'Tools' and Choose 'Options'
- Click on the 'Privacy' tab
- Clack on Cookies and Select 'Permit Websites to Place Cookies'

Google Chrome

- Navigate to 'Tools' and Choose 'Options'
- Click on 'Under the Hood' and choose 'Content Settings' icon inside the 'Privacy' segment
- Select 'Permit localised data to be placed'

Inspecting Cookies on Macs

Safari on OSX

- Click on 'Safari' and opt for 'Preferences'
- Click on 'Security' and thereafter, Click on 'Accept Cookies'

Mozilla and Netscape on OSX

- Click on 'Netscape' or 'Mozilla' and then Select 'Preferences'
- Look for 'Cookies' within 'Privacy & Security'
- Click on 'Enable Cookies only for Primary Website'

Microsoft Internet Explorer on OSX

- Click on 'Explorer' and opt for 'Preferences'
- Scan for 'Cookies' categorised under 'Receiving Files'
- Click on 'Never Ask'


- Go to 'Menu' and Select 'Settings'
- Click on 'Preferences' and thereafter on 'Advanced'
- Choose 'Accept Cookies'

In case you do not approve of the mode or manner in which we make use of cookies, then you can delete the cookies after visiting Darzionline.com. Alternatively, you can continue surfing on our site harnessing your web browser's anonymous or unspecified usage settings (referred to as "Incognito" in Google Chrome, "In Private" for Internet Explorer, and "Private Browsing" in Safari and Firefox and so on.


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To join us and attain a successful career opportunity, kindly email to us with your details or contact our helpdesk.

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